People visit the gym for varying reasons. The strength machines and free weights are a popular choice, but the treadmills are always in use too, and for good reason. Treadmills are considered to be the best form of cardiovascular exercise that you can get while spending time with people or doing any other recreational activity at the same time. The benefits of a treadmill goes beyond its use for burning calories alone. And some of its other benefits are discussed below.


A regular moderate distance walk will help to keep your muscles healthy. As you grow older, the muscles and joints begin to grind and become stiff. Regular exercise on a treadmill will help you to keep the joints and muscles healthy for as long as possible, acting as the ‘oil’ that these body parts need to keep working effectively. Specifically, running on a treadmill will help to strengthen your quadriceps’ muscles and your calves.

In the process of your workout, you will also end up with an improved muscle tone, especially in your legs and more especially if you increase the treadmill incline. However, it is important that you bear in mind that the incline feature must not be abused, and you should only set it at a level that you are certain you can keep up with, after regular practice. Additionally, using the treadmill without its handrails will work even faster in developing and toning the muscles in your arm. Isolator Fitness has a lot more information to offer you.


Dealing with the different types of exercise equipment, treadmills are one of the easiest and most convenient to use. For the most part, the only thing that you are required to do is to set the pace, climb on and walk for some time. It has a massive advantage on traditional jogging in the streets because you do not have to worry about environmental factors.

Factors such as bad weather, rogue neighborhood dogs or traffic that would naturally deter the traditional jogger do not come into play when you are using the treadmill. All you need is just one piece of equipment and you can exercise for as long as you want. You can work on reducing your weight, toning your muscles or improving your cardiovascular health whenever you want without the need to step out of your home. This benefit makes the treadmill a great investment.


Arthritis patients that have discovered the functions and proper usage of the treadmill will discover that it immensely reduces the pain associated with the disease. Simply walking on a treadmill at moderate pace, regularly, will keep your joints flexible and reduce any form of accumulated stress on them.

Additionally, the smooth surface of a treadmill ensures that there is no cause for worry about running on an uneven surface, which normally contributes to making a workout harder than it needs to be. The smooth surface will reduce the avoidable extra stress on your joints, keeping them loose and making the experience as painless as possible.



Research has shown that, apart from arthritis, regular exercise on a treadmill will also help to fight off other health issues such as depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and varied types of cancer. It also reduces the risk of a premature death.


One of the major health benefits of using a treadmill is that it speeds up weight loss. A great number of calories are burned from sessions on the treadmill, even when you only workout for a relatively short period. Depending on the speed that the machine is set to, and the level of the incline, a twenty minute session on a treadmill will burn at least two hundred and twenty nine calories from the body.

When you become accustomed to the pace of the machine and can kick up the speed a notch, the same period of twenty minutes will have you burning at least three hundred calories every session. If you keep this up regularly, and combine it with a very healthy diet, there will be significant weight loss after a while.

There are also HIIT principles in place that will help you to burn even more calories when used alongside the support of the machine’s incline. This would mean that you will alternate running and walking at a moderate speed for long rounds with running and walking at a faster speed for shorter rounds.


As suggested earlier, treadmills contribute significantly to improving the health of the heart. Every workout strengthens the heart, when it is not done excessively. Conversely, an improvement in the health of your heart means a natural decrease in blood pressure, which reduces the risk of running a high blood pressure.

Just like traditional jogging, running or walking on a treadmill will get your blood flowing, reducing the amount of stress on the heart whose natural job it is to pump the blood that flows through the body. These forms of exercise will also help to reduce bad cholesterol in the body, and at the same time increase the good cholesterol.

Recent models of treadmills have a heart monitor that keeps track of your heart rate. This will help you to watch out for the limits that you must adhere to. They also have progress trackers that keep records of the total amount of time you spend on a workout session and the amount of calories that you burned within that period. Heart diseases are the leading cause of death, and this stresses the importance of maintaining strong cardiovascular health.


The major excuse given by a lot of people for their refusal to exercise is that there is never enough time. Even though these people will always find the time to read books or watch their favorite programs on television. Treadmills give you a chance to perform these recreational activities while you’re running a workout session at the same time.

You can watch TV while you are running on a treadmill and you can also read a book if the speed is reduced to a walking pace. This shows efficiency and will have you anticipating your workout sessions instead of making up excuses to get out of them.